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We live in the information age, we now know that knowledge is our power and it does not cease to be true, for people who have a higher storage capacity, quick thinking, and focus, it is more likely to occupy the best positions within companies, this without taking into account public and vestibular contests. If you seek a way to stand out among the people, this form and IQ PLUS, a natural supplement that seeks above all improve your brain performance, find out why IQ PLUS works below.


IQ PLUS works?

Before talking more about the composition of the IQ PLUS, we will list some of the key benefits to learning how IQ PLUS can help you. The main goal of the product is to improve their mental abilities, thus helping you stand out from achieving above average results. Check out the main benefits related to the.



  • Enhances the cognitive abilities of the person who takes;
  • Improves your focus and power to fulfill their tasks;
  • Assists in the oxygenation of the brain;
  • Increase your storage capacity and learning;
  • Dramatically reduces your mental fatigue;

IQ PLUS Composition – Safe for health

Several people seek to achieve the same results listed above with caffeine and energy, which in addition to not help you at all and not even mentioning the effects of IQ PLUS, taking caffeine and energy in high quantity can bring you health damage depending the amount ingested. It was seeking in nature powerful ingredients and completely safe for your health, and taking the correct dosage (the same inserted in capsules) these combined ingredients act synergistically thereby improving their mental faculties, bringing more mental clarity, focus and available on its day to day.

Note that it not only has a lot of vitamins and minerals, it also has the L-CARNITINE, which was specially developed to increase the effects of nutrients and increases the production of serotonin in your brain, thus contributing to night sleep are many better, beyond improving your mood and make the nutrition of their neurons, keeping it always healthy.

More focus with IQ PLUS

One of the most important facts you need to know about IQ PLUS and the fact that it is a supplement developed in a 100% natural. That way you can benefit from the effects of IQ PLUS by a long period and not only short periods, you can use it at important meetings where concentration and speed of thought are worth gold, you can use it to pass the entrance exam and in competitions highly crowded public, in short, you can give your mind most of every moment for a long period.

The six key elements that make up the formula of IQ PLUS provide for your body nutrients enough to maximize the performance of your brain. Furthermore, the compound L-CARNITINE present in the product formulation enhances the synapse, significantly improving memory and cognitive power.

IQ PLUS – An FDA approved supplement

In this hectic world, we are living today; our brain ends up being very driven and often do not give account to store all the information we need for our daily lives. Thus, some techniques are used to strengthen our memory, but when these techniques do not work correctly, the solution is to use IQ PLUS, which is an excellent supplement, which will give up in his memory, thanks to its composition and effects beneficial to the brain and will make you advance your career and have more quality of life.

The IQ PLUS is a supplement developed in the best and most advanced US laboratories, so he passed numerous tests before being launched on the market, including being approved by the FDA, a kind of American Anvisa.


IQ PLUS – Formula for active cognition

The IQ PLUS works by combining chemical and neurological compounds in a single dose supplement, so at the same time it helps you to have a better memory; it protects your brain against possible diseases related to memory, the main one being the Alzheimer.

With the effects of IQ PLUS in the brain, it increases our ability to synapses, i.e. it increases our reasoning and productivity of this very important body and as a consequence of all this amounts to our ability to remember facts, numbers, in short, of our memory. Thus, we are more productive, focused and attentive in what we do in our daily lives, thus increasing our ability to do our activities with a higher quality.

The correct way to take it soon consumes the morning two capsules of the product, this way you will benefit from the effect of the supplement throughout the day, absorbing so much information and memorizing much more content. Best of all you will notice the benefits of the product in the first days of consumption.

No side effects

Another great advantage of IQ PLUS is that all his formula is composed of natural elements, so there are no side effects, and this supplement is free to be used by all people.

Since those who are paying entrance exam and wants to increase the ability to store information and thus be able to join a University of quality, to the great executive, who begins to have trouble remembering all day information on your company.

IQ PLUS stimulates natural neurotransmitters

Improving our ability to remember content and information is key, whether to pass a contest is need to optimize our daily actions or to be more productive at work. The point is that it takes a long time of training and concentration, for us to work our brains properly and thus could cause it to store more data and often do not have time or patience to be training our memory. But this situation has now changed with the arrival of a substance that can increase our memory, without any side effect, which is the IQ PLUS. This brain supplement has in its formula, elements, which help the brain work better and faster with it, our memory just growing.

The IQ PLUS works by acting directly on the chemistry of your brain, stimulating the natural increase of so-called neurotransmitters, which help your brain work better and faster, helping your brain to work better.

Users who tested the product have experienced in the early days a significant increase in the ability to remember things that had already studied or facts that were more difficult to remember. Also, the speed with which the brain functions also increases significantly, leaving you much faster and smarter for the situations of everyday life.

IQ PLUS ingredients

What makes the IQ PLUS assist your brain to work better, there are the compounds that brings supplement in its formula, such as:

  • The L-CARNITINE – It protects your brain against free radicals and also helps the synapses.
  • L-THEANINE – It cleans your brain of any toxic substance that it has, since, like it or not, we intoxicate our brain with our food and our lifestyle.

Other ingredients are:


Finally, the another important substance present in the compound and the caffeine, the very substance of the brain, which we will lose over time and the use of IQ PLUS helps to restore this essential for the brain to work properly.

Bull of IQ PLUS – How to take

Best of all this is that it is a dietary supplement 100% natural, so there is no risk that this medicine will cause some negative reaction in your body and any side effect, which could be extremely dangerous since it stirs the neurological area of the human body.

The correct use of IQ PLUS is to take it always in the morning, after the first meal, ingesting two tablets, so their effect on your day will be almost instantaneous and long-term benefits will be astounding.

For those interested in the product and think you will have to shell out a lot of money to purchase it, you can rest assured that the official Intelimax IQ site is with an incredible promotion.

IQ PLUS guarantees at Anvisa

One of the major concerns of customers is to know about the safety of any product and supplement, especially one that acts directly on the brain influencing the level of intelligence and reasoning.

So, we come to clarify that it has approval from ANVISA for sale in the domestic market while respecting the rules established by the agency to natural vitamin supplements and can, therefore, be bought and consumed by anyone.

Where to buy the IQ PLUS?

The best way to get this supplement is to buy directly from the official website of the product, since, in this way, and have free delivery; it will be sure not to be going through a coup, and that will get your product home without any problems. Also, the official website has great deals; then that is where you will find the best price to acquire it.

If you are interested in increasing your memory and improve your thinking ability using the IQ PLUS daily, but is concerned about its price, as its budget goes tight, you’re in luck.

It is $29.87 per bottle (60 pills) and buys 1, get one free.


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